What are SDalign Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners a convenient alternative to traditional braces. They are also called invisible braces because they are transparent and almost invisible when worn. Clear aligners move teeth to a desired position without using metal wires or brackets.


How it works

The way we work, is simple, easy and super effective. We will get you the perfect smile in no time!


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Benefits of Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a great alternative for patients who want a straighter smile, but do not want to wear traditional metal braces because:
Virtually invisible

They are invisible so your smile is not compromised during the treatment.

Safe and Removable
They are removable, easy for you to brush & floss.
No Damage to the teeth
They are more comfortable that braces since there are no brackets or wires.
see the result
Clear aligners can also prevent tooth wear from grinding.

Why SDalign Aligners

It’s time for you to get the perfect smile you always wanted. SDalign is the new and the right way to get a smile makeover.

SDalign Aligners are invisible

SDalign aligners are transparent. So wear them for any social event.

The aligners are personalised

We design custom aligners for you. This makes them super comfortable to wear.

You are in Safe Hands

The fittings, scans and assessment is done by a expert dentist in a proper clinic. Everything clinically safe.

Your makeover starts at Rs. 3999

We offer an EMI option that’s easy on the pockets.And pay only if you like your makeover plan.

Designed by orthodontists

SDalign aligners are approved by expert orthodontists as Sabka Dentist who have treated more than 50,000 braces patients.

We meet international standards

We use cutting-edge German technology to 3D print our aligners.The aligners are biocompatible and BPA-free. We are ISO 13485 certified.

Start your smile makeover now @ just ₹ 3,499/month

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