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SDalign makes every effort to meet any orthodontic issues. Our exports ensure that your clear aligners are of the greatest quality and are suitable for you and your treatment. Patients, on the other hand, are occasionally left with a few unanswered questions. We attempted to compile a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist you in understanding the overall strategy, structure, and any important difficulties you may have. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be pleased to assist you at any moment.

Clear Aligners are transparent plates made of a specific material that are used to correct teeth in the same way that braces are used to correct teeth. Without any of the inconveniences of metal wires and brackets, they use moderate and consistent force to shift the teeth into the desired position. A digital scan is used to create them specifically for each patient.
It is a new and creative technology that is making consistent progress. Clear aligners are almost imperceptible, comprised of thermoplastic material and designed to accomplish certain goals. They are specially designed trays that must bse worn in a specific order to ensure a successful treatment.

STEP 1 – You’ll be surprised to know that we provide free consultation to all of our patients, so our first step is a FREE checkup with our dentist.
STEP 2 – Your dentist will capture an impressions of your teeth, that we will then scan and digitize and utilize to generate a CAD files.
STEP 3 – The orthodontists will build a virtual course of treatment and perform the procedure by using computerized dental technologies using the digital model of your teeth.
STEP 4 – We’ll deliver you a set of aligners to put in a specific order, and you’ll have to
replace them every 2 weeks.

Check our site for more information- SDalign Treatment Process

There are a variety of teeth-straightening options. Traditional metal braces are probably the most well-known choice. Metal braces are made up of brackets that attach to your teeth. The brackets have slots where wires can be threaded through. The brackets are normally composed of stainless steel, with little rubber bands connecting the wires to the brackets. The wires apply a steady, though moderate, stress to your teeth to ensure that
they are properly aligned.

The wires apply a steady, though moderate, stress to your teeth to ensure that they are properly aligned. Aligners are not like metal braces, as they can be taken out whenever a patient want. Putting them in and getting them out is the patient’s responsibility. Patients are given sets of aligners that are engineered to shift their teeth in the same way that braces do: by applying consistent, mild pressure.

The price of Clear Aligner Procedure varies depending on the circumstances. The cost of treatment is determined by a variety of criteria, including the intricacy of the case, the number of improvements required, and the number of aligners used. Although all of these variables are interconnected, the number of aligners required for treatment is one of the most important.

The cost of treatment varies among individuals and might range from Rs.50,000 to a few lakhs. After a thorough  Examination of your teeth, your orthodontist will be able to provide you with a quotation. Our braces and aligner professionals at Sabka Dentist offer a complimentary consultation services to all the patients.
For more detailed information- Cost of SDalign

Here are six different ways to keep your clear aligners hygienic:
  • Instead of toothpaste, use soft soap to clean your aligners.
  • Immerse the aligners in the baking soda solution.
  • Immerse aligners in a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • Immerse aligners in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.
  • Immerse aligners in a retainer cleansing solution for a few minutes.
  • Plaque can be removed from your invisible aligners with cleaning crystals.
Please keep in mind that while these instructions recommend using lukewarm water to clean your aligners, you should never use hot water.

You must consult a dentist before moving ahead with the treatment process. At Sabke dentist clinic’s, we give free consultation to all the patients. The procedure provided by a qualified orthodontist helps you keep track about the service process across the year, assuring your comfort.

Every customer is unique, but on average, programs last about 12 months.

If only patients follow the instructions for adequate aftercare will the benefits be permanent. After teeth aligners are removed, there is a natural inclination for teeth to regress. Retainers are recommended to reduce the risk of recurrence. To ensure that the results are lasting, patients can choose between permanent and detachable retainers.

No, there aren’t any negative effects. Aligners are one of the most secure orthodontic treatments available. Furthermore, a dentist will only recommend aligners after a thorough examination of your current smile. Irritation and pain are quite rare, and most patients adjust to their aligners in just a few weeks.

At the very least, the Clear Aligners should be kept on the teeth for 20-22 hrs each day. You can eat and brush your teeth without your aligners on. Wearing each Transparent Aligner for 12-14 days is required. The length of each stage of aligner therapy will be determined by your dentist.

It normally only takes a few hours to get used to using  clear Aligners because of its micro thin structure. This could take a bit longer on exceptional occasions. Because of the modest changes made at every phase of your Clear Aligner course of treatment, you will not find a variation when you switch to another aligner.

No, You can eat and drink normally with Clear Aligner, unlike conventional orthodontic procedures, this process is little convenient.

No, it’s not true. During your Clear aligner treatment, you are free to go about your regular routine as usual.

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