SDalign Treatment Process

How SDaligner Works

Get straighter teeth in 4 easy steps


Step 1

FREE Checkup with our Dentist

Visit any of our partner clinic for a FREE Checkup. Our dentist will conduct a checkup and let you know if your smile can be improved with SDalign Clear Aligners.

Step 2

Dentist will take an Impression

To plan out your treatment, we need an impression of your teeth which we will scan and digitize and use the same to create a Computer Aided Design (CAD) File. We use the latest technologies in digital dentistry to design the most suitable treatment plan for you.


Step 3

Check your Treatment Plan

Our orthodontists will use the digital model of your teeth to create a virtual treatment plan and simulate the using digital dentistry systems. A simulation of your treatment is sent to you for your approval. Once you approve, we proceed to manufacturing your aligners.

Step 4

Get your Aligners & prepare for that Hollywood Smile!

We will send you a series of aligners which you need to wear in succession changing your aligner sets every 15 days. Every aligner moves your teeth by approximately 0.2 mm and slowly your teeth move in the most desired positions.


Still in Doubt?

We’re excited to get you the best smile you deserve. Let our experts clear any doubts you have. Schedule an initial consultation with an orthodontist completely free!

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