Subtle signs that say, “You Need SD Align Clear Aligners!”

Think crooked teeth, and we instantly think of braces. Crowded or irregularly aligned teeth can affect the aesthetics of a smile, often causing low self-confidence and self-esteem. If this is you, this is a sign you require orthodontic treatment to correct your teeth!


But, have you ever felt that braces cause overcrowding of already irregularly aligned teeth, further affecting an individual’s smile? This is a clear sign for SD Align clear aligners!


Here are a few subtle signs that indicate you need orthodontic treatment with SD Align clear Aligners!


Mismatched upper and lower teeth midlines


When your facial midline coincides with the midline of your upper and lower teeth, your smile is said to be symmetrical and pleasing. However, when there is a mismatch in the midline coinciding with each other, it is a strong sign that your teeth are improperly aligned, and you require orthodontic treatment.


Missing teeth that have not been replaced in a long time


When teeth are lost due to trauma or extraction, they must be replaced as soon as possible. When you ignore tooth replacement, you will notice the adjacent teeth shift or tilt into this space, disrupting the natural bite and smile with unnecessary biting forces on them.


In most cases where teeth have not been replaced for a very long time, orthodontic treatment can help close the gap or align remaining teeth to enable replacement with a bridge or implant.


Titled smile line


When you smile, the upper teeth follow the curve of your lips, making it aesthetic and pleasing. However, when your teeth are irregularly aligned, there is a lack of parallelism between your upper teeth and the lip line.


This is a sign that you require orthodontic correction of your teeth. SD Align clear aligners effectively correct your smile line and teeth alignment to boost your self-confidence.


Only upper teeth visibility


While your upper teeth are mainly visible when you smile, they must overlap your lower teeth by a maximum of 2 mm. However, in some people, the upper teeth completely cover the lower teeth, and the latter is not visible even when the lower lip is retracted. This condition requires orthodontic treatment to avoid further dental complications.


The Bottom Line


Contrary to popular belief, the signs indicating one requires orthodontic treatment may not always be very evident. In fact, in most people, the signs are very subtle, due to which most fail to seek timely care. Therefore, visiting your dentist for a routine dental checkup twice a year is recommended, during which they will check for any developing malocclusions and treat them appropriately.

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