Clear Aligners For Crooked Teeth

It becomes very difficult in different circumstances when you have improper teeth alignment. There are different types of teeth alignment problems experienced by people. Crooked teeth are one such type of improper teeth alignment.


It creates a lot of problems for the people while eating, speaking, smiling, and causes various other problems when there is a crooked teeth problem.


Orthodontic treatment is easier to treat this problem for getting proper teeth alignment. Traditional treatment with braces can help to treat the crooked teeth problem. However, the latest clear aligner treatment method is also getting popular among people.


What are clear aligners?

clear braces treatmentClear aligners are the alternative for braces treatment, a type of Orthodontic treatment which is used to correct teeth misalignment. They are easy to remove and virtually invisible. It makes it simpler to eat food, brush teeth, and clean aligners conveniently by just removing them.


Also, as it is virtually invisible, a person can comfortably smile, speak, and talk without any concern. Clear aligners are customized as per the condition of the teeth in every individual. Compared to the other treatment method, clear aligners provide much comfort for crooked teeth treatment.


What are crooked teeth?

When the jaw size is smaller than the teeth size then it does not fit in a normal way. This causes the teeth to overlap, twist, getting pushed in back or front size. Crooked teeth are misaligned which makes it difficult to eat the food.


The malformation of the jaw being the main reason for the crooked teeth, there can be various causes of the crooked teeth. Generally, the main causes of crooked teeth are hereditary. This can cause several other different problems for the person.


What are the problems arising due to crooked teeth?crooked teeth problems

The teeth misalignment problem like crooked teeth can cause several problems for the individual.


Here are some of the problems arising due to crooked teeth:

1. Improper speech

A person having crooked teeth cannot speak in a clear manner. As your teeth are misaligned, it may affect the way you sound, you may have an unclear sound. Which may lead to problems with speech. Speech impediment is a common problem among them.


2. Problem while food chewing

It is difficult to chew food when a person has crooked teeth. They find it more difficult particularly while chewing the hard food items. Imperfectly chewed food may cause digestion problems.


3. Tooth decay

Due to crooked teeth, it becomes difficult to clean some portion of the teeth as the brush cannot reach here. Also, the food particles easily get accumulated in complex areas due to crooked teeth. This further causes tooth decay soon.


4. Strain in jaw muscles

Crooked teeth also exert extra pressure on the corresponding jaws which is painful. It causes more strain on the jaw muscles of the teeth.


5. Effect on self-esteem

The problem of crooked teeth is easily noticed while smiling and talking. This makes it uncomfortable for the person in social situations that adversely affects their self-esteem. Many people who are unhappy with their physical appearance may end up feeling insecure and have a lack of self-esteem.


6. Gum diseases

Crooked teeth makes it hard to properly clean in between your teeth. This can result in gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. If this gum disease is not treated properly it can lead to serious infection that can lead to damage to bones and teeth.


How to solve crooked teeth through clear aligners?

solve crooked teethClear aligners are one of the effective ways to treat crooked teeth problems properly. They are built with the latest technology and are suited properly for people who want to avoid the traditional metal braces. The customized aligners are put on the teeth through the treatment course.


As these clear aligners are transparent or color the same as the teeth, they are not easily noticed by the individual. A person will never feel uncomfortable while smiling or talking in social situations. These aligners will exert pressure on the respective teeth to move it in a particular direction.


The aligners are changed after every four to five weeks to continue the movement of the teeth in the direction until it reaches close to the desired position. Clear aligner treatment must be removed and worn again properly to ensure the proper treatment process. A regular appointment with the Orthodontist is important to check the progress of the treatment.


When must I go to the treatment?

If you notice the problem of the crooked teeth, then it is better to get it treated soon. After attaining the age of 11 years, any person can go for this treatment. Getting early treatment is better, as jaw development occurs in teenagers and it is easier to get nice results.


Do not wait longer to straighten the teeth, it is necessary to get treatment soon. Clear aligners can help to get the desired teeth alignment for your smile improvement.

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