How Clear Aligners Can Improve Your Face and Jaw?

Your face is one of the important factors that reflect your personality. No matter from which place you belong, the face is the primary thing that any person observes of an individual. However, some people do not have impressive faces due to the misalignment of the teeth.


Some of the improper jaw alignment also affects the face of the person. These Orthodontic problems are easily noticed when a person smiles and speaks. To deal with these problems, a person needs to go through proper Orthodontic treatment. Traditional braces treatment is one way to deal with these problems.


However, if a person wants to avoid the braces treatment due to different reasons, clear aligners are another treatment way to deal with teeth misalignment.


What are clear aligners?

clear alignersClear aligners are the alternative to braces treatment to get the proper teeth alignment. The clear aligners are invisible, which makes it difficult for other people to notice. The removable aspect of the clear aligners makes it easier for a person to eat, brush their teeth, and clean the aligners when needed.


Are clear aligners treatments effective to improve face and jaw?

Some people have the problem of imperfection in the symmetry of their faces. Several discrepancies in the jaw are responsible for the asymmetry in the face. This makes the face look different that takes the beauty from it. Also, some people have misalignment of the teeth that get easily noticed when a person smiles and speaks.


This also causes problems while eating the food. The Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners has the ability to give proper treatment to this problem. It shifts the jaws and teeth in the desired direction to move it in a specific direction that can improve the facial appearance.


What are the ways that clear aligners can improve the teeth alignment and jaws?

Clear aligners can be very effective in improving the teeth alignment and jaws very effectively.


Here are some of the ways that clear aligners can improve and affect your face and jaw:

1. Jaw alignment improvement

The jaw position is responsible for the problems like underbite and overbite. The people, who have jaws extended outwards due to misaligned teeth, suffer from underbite.


The people, who have protruding lips with chin looking weak, suffer from an overbite. Clear aligners can bring the jaws and teeth in the proper position to make them look appropriate. It can treat the problems like overbites and underbites easily.


2. Improving asymmetrical faces

The spaces in the teeth and the teeth overcrowding can make the face look asymmetrical. Here, the lips are in an uneven position or one side of the face is a little different shifted from another side. Clear aligners can be very helpful in making the lips in symmetrical positions and improve the facial structure. This will help to boost your confidence to a greater extent.


3. Improves the natural bite

The natural bite of the teeth becomes improper when the upper teeth sit does not coincide with the lower teeth set. This also affects the entire look of the face making it more improper.


It also causes an asymmetrical structure of the face in some cases. In several cases, this causes fractures in the tooth due to grinding improperly. Clear aligners treatment can make the teeth set coincide properly with each other that can improve the natural bite of the teeth.


4. Create different jawlines and cheekbones

In some of the cases of overbites and underbites, the jawlines and cheekbones are in a problematic position. As the teeth are positioned evenly due to spacing, the cheeks look a little sunken. The pronunciation and the lips look thinner.


Clear aligners here make the proper jawline position and proper cheekbones to improve the facial structure. Some of the problems like double chins are also reduced through Orthodontic treatment to give a proper face appearance.


5. Improves the quality of smile

Improves the quality of smileAs symmetric faces and improper jaw alignment makes the smile look dull. The treatment with the clear aligners can bring a proper symmetrical face and proper jaw alignment that can make the smile look better. An improved smile can make the appearance better and bring better confidence in the person.


These are some of the ways where clear aligners can improve the face and jaw position. The Orthodontic treatment process takes a long duration where the clear aligners can provide a very comfortable experience for the individual.

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