Clear aligners affect your facial structure

In some cases, the reason for the improper facial structure is due to teeth misalignment. The improper alignment of the teeth is also accompanied by the improper jaw structure. Crooked teeth, underbite, overbite, crossbite, the gap between teeth, etc. are some of the teeth misalignment problems.


All these problems are responsible for giving an improper facial structure to a person.

Thanks to the latest development in technology for Orthodontic treatment which can make the proper teeth alignment and bring the jaw in the proper position.


Traditional braces treatment can make the proper teeth alignment and improve the jaw position. They can be instrumental in making the facial structure proper. Clear aligners are also a better convenient option for the treatment of the facial structure through Orthodontic treatment.


What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are the alternate Orthodontic treatment option to the traditional braces treatment. They do the same work of making the proper teeth alignment and correcting the jaw position.

Clear aligners for teeth are invisible that makes it difficult to be noticed by any other person.

It makes them feel comfortable in social situations to smile and talk. Also, they are removable. So you can remove your aligners whenever you are eating something or brushing your teeth. It also makes it easy to clean your aligners.


Why is enhancing the facial structure important?

Every person does not have the proper face structure and many of them are due to improper teeth structure. This can make the person hide the face while smiling, speak in a very conserved way, and avoid opening their mouth in social situations. All these can bring in them the issues like low self-esteem and low self-confidence.


Some people also find it a problem while chewing the food as the upper teeth set does not coincide properly with the lower teeth set. So, to get rid of these multiple types of problems, it is important to find a solution for improving the facial structure.


How can clear aligners change the structure of your face effectively?

Clear aligners are a type of Orthodontic treatment that can help to change the structure of your face. They can provide treatment to several types of Orthodontic problems in an effective way.


Here are some of the problems which can be treated with the clear aligners Orthodontic treatment:

1. Underbite

In cases of underbite, the chin of the face protrudes a little outside due to improper teeth alignment. The lower teeth set overlaps the upper teeth set that causes them to coincide properly. With clear aligners treatment, these lower teeth sets can be brought to the proper position to coincide it properly with the upper teeth set.


There are two types of Underbites, dental underbites and skeletal underbites
Dental Underbites-Dental underbites is a condition formed due to teeth misalignment.
Skeletal Underbites-Skeletal underbites is a condition formed through the malformation of the jawbone.


2. Overbite

woman with overbiteOverbite is a situation where the upper teeth set comes in front of the lower teeth set. Here, the cheeks look a little sunken that makes the face appear differently. Clear aligners treatment can help to move the upper teeth set to move in the backward direction to coincide with the upper teeth set. This will make the face structure appear properly.


3. Improper jawline

The improper jawline position makes the face structure appear distorted making it look different. It makes the face look asymmetrical that gives an inappropriate look to the face. Clear aligners can move the jaw in the proper direction to get them in the proper position.


4. Crooked teeth

crooked teethCrooked teeth cause the teeth to crowd in the smaller space in an inappropriate way. This causes twisting of the teeth that gives an improper look to the smile. This is mainly due to the larger jaw size in comparison with the teeth size. Clear aligners can make the teeth straighten properly. This can give the proper teeth alignment to improve the smile.


5. Gap between the teeth

Gap between the teethThe gap between the teeth is another problem suffered by many people. Here, space is developed between the two teeth set and it looks very inappropriate when space is between the upper frontal teeth set. Clear aligners can fill the gap between the teeth to make it look proper. It can make the smile look better.


Can clear aligners change the mouth shape?

Depending on the teeth misalignment and the improper jaw position, the clear aligners will be designed accordingly to give the desired results. A proper follower of the guidelines can make the positive changes on the face to look better.


Clear aligners can make the necessary changes to the facial structure by correcting flaws due to teeth misalignment and improper jaw position. This treatment can give a better facial structure to a person with smile improvement.

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