Are Dental Clear Aligners Easily Available In India?

Having an Orthodontic problem is always difficult to deal with in many ways. The gap between teeth, crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, and any other type of teeth misalignment is mainly responsible for Orthodontic problems. The treatment with the traditional braces treatment is found to be effective in giving the proper teeth alignment.


However, braces being easily visible with metallic brackets and arch wires are seen by other people, it makes them a little uncomfortable for the person wearing them. However, clear aligners are another option for Orthodontic treatment for treating improper teeth alignment and improving the smile of a person.


What are clear aligners?

Clear Aligners in indiaClear aligners are an Orthodontic treatment method, an alternative to braces treatment. They can correct the teeth misalignment problem and make the proper jaw alignment.


They are transparent which makes it difficult for other people to easily notice and make them more comfortable in social situations. They are also removable which can make it easier while chewing the food, teeth brushing, and aligner cleaning.


Which is better, ceramic braces or clear aligners?

ceramic bracesWhile opting for Orthodontic treatment, many people get confused about going to the type of treatment. Ceramic braces or clear aligners are the confusion experienced by the individuals while going for the treatment.


Ceramic braces are just like metal braces where they have brackets and archwire connecting them. However, ceramic braces are not easily noticed by other people as they are transparent which makes them more comfortable in social situations too.


Clear aligners are invisible too that makes it easier for the person to smile and speak without getting any improper feeling. Ceramic braces are, however, not removable that makes it difficult for them to eat some of the food which is hard and sticky. Also, the inability to remove these braces makes it difficult to brush the teeth and clean the aligners properly.


This increases the chances of teeth getting decayed after some duration. Clear aligners are easily removable when needed. So, it becomes easier to eat by removing the aligners and it is easier to brush the teeth by removing the aligners and cleaning the aligners.


What is the average cost of clear aligners in India?

The cost of the clear aligners will vary as per the treatment service providers. Also, the complexity of the teeth will matter while deciding the cost for the particular treatment.


The number of aligners needed is also important to decide the cost of the treatment. The cost is always an important consideration for any individual before going for the treatment. Initially, the Orthodontist will examine the situation in the teeth and draft the treatment plan for a person.


When the treatment process starts, the impression of the teeth is taken for making the aligners. The number of aligners needed also makes it important to decide on the cost incurred in the treatment.


Generally, the treatment cost of the aligners in India can start from Rs.29,999/- and can to lakhs. The exact quote of the treatment will be told by the Orthodontist only after assessing the situation. Some of the treatment providers also provide the installment method for making the payments for the clear aligners.


How successful are clear aligners in India?

Traditional braces are used as the treatment method for different teeth misalignment problems and they have given some nice results. However, clear aligners are getting popular in India for Orthodontic treatment.


People can easily smile and talk without getting the aligners noticed. Also, the removability of the clear aligners has made it simple to brush the teeth and clean the aligners when needed.


These properties of the clear aligners have attracted many of the teens and adult crowds in India. Clear Aligners can get nice success when proper treatment guidelines are followed. Also, removal and putting of the clear aligners must be done in a proper way. Make sure you properly clean the aligners and follow all the guidelines given by.


Is SD Align and Invisalign the same?

SD align and Invisalign are both the aligners that are used in Orthodontic treatment. However, Invisalign is the aligners that are known widely for the treatment through different providers. Whereas, the SD align is the custom made aligners from the Orthodontic treatment providers of Sabka dentist.


SD align, custom aligners from Sabka dentist is designed in a little different way which is robust and capable of treating complex Orthodontic problems.


Clear aligners can make the treatment for the teeth misalignment properly. The cost of the clear aligners may appear a little more than other methods, however, the comfort provided by it is very comfortable.

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