Over the past two decades, there has been an increase in Orthodontic treatment. Through Orthodontic treatment, it has become easier to treat the problems like crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, teeth gap, any such kind of teeth misalignment problem. Earlier traditional metal braces were the only treatment method to treat Orthodontic problems. However, the advancement in technology has brought clear aligners as an alternative to braces for Orthodontic treatment. A clear aligner has the bigger advantage of being difficult to detect due to its invisibility and ease to removal making it comfortable in many ways. However, there are some problems and issues too associated with the clear aligner treatment.

What are clear aligners?

issues with alignersClear aligners are used for Orthodontic treatment and they are one of the alternatives for braces treatment. The invisible property of the clear aligners makes it difficult for the other person to notice it easily. This makes it comfortable for the person to use the clear aligners during smiling and speaking in social places. Also, the removable property of the clear aligner helps to eat the food easily by just removing them. A person can easily brush their teeth and clean the aligners by simply removing it.

How do clear aligners help in proper teeth alignment?

The clear aligners work in the same mechanism as that used in the braces treatment where the teeth are slowly moved in the desired direction. The Orthodontists will take the X-rays and impressions properly of the teeth. After analyzing it, clear aligners are made accordingly to get the proper results. The aligners will exert the desired pressure on the proper teeth to move them in a specific direction. The teeth movement will be slower and the clear aligners must be used until the teeth get to the desired location. Treatment duration can vary between 12 to 24 months. The clear aligners must be used till the teeth get in a proper position.

What are the advantages of clear aligners?

Clear aligners certainly have many advantages when compared to the other treatment methods.

Here are some of the advantages of the clear aligners:

1. Easy to eat food

eating food with clear alignersAs the clear aligners can be removed there will be very lesser restrictions on the food you eat. You can comfortably eat much foods without any problem.

2. Improves the aesthetic look

As clear aligners are not visible to the other person due to their transparent property, a person will feel more confident while smiling and speaking. These aligners can restore the aesthetic look of the person.

3. Easy to brush and floss

In traditional Orthodontic treatment methods, it is difficult to brush the teeth and do flossing activity. This increases the possibility of plaque accumulation and teeth getting decayed. However, as clear aligners can be removed, it becomes easier to brush and floss the teeth nicely.

4. Potential problem is lesser

In traditional braces, there are possibilities of the breaking of the brackets or archwires. This makes it difficult to make the treatment process proper and makes it urgent to visit the Orthodontist. However, there are very lesser chances of any damage to the clear aligners making the treatment process better.

5. Comparatively lesser duration of treatment

Generally, the duration required for the clear aligner treatment is much lesser when compared to other braces treatments. So, it is easier to do the clear aligner treatment properly.

What are the adverse effects of clear aligners?

1. Need to follow guidelines properly

One of the biggest adverse effects is observed when the guidelines are not followed by the person who can make the treatment result problematic. Here, a person needs to wear the aligner for a minimum 22 hours a day. They must remove and put the aligner properly. Compared to other braces treatments, the guidelines for the clear aligners are more.

2. Difficult to treat more complex problems

Although clear aligners can treat most of the teeth misalignment problems, they are found to be less effective while treating the complex teeth misalignment problems. Certain complex issues can only be treated with braces treatment.

3. Some limitation on certain food

It is not that any food can be eaten with clear aligners in the mouth. There are limitations on hard and sticky food.

4. Higher cost

Compared to braces treatment, the cost of the clear aligners is a little higher. This makes many people go for other treatment methods.

As we have understood the advantages and adverse effects of the clear aligners for the treatment. It is worth noting that the worth given with the advantages are far better than the adverse effect of the clear aligners treatment.

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