Procedure To Get Dental Clear Aligner Braces

Every person does not have straight teeth that impact their facial appearance. The problem of teeth misalignment also makes them uncomfortable while smiling and speaking. So, Orthodontic treatment is the way through which a person can straighten their misaligned teeth.


Braces treatment is the traditional method for getting the teeth to straighten. This method has given some nice results too. However, the easily noticeable nature of the braces and the difficulty in removing them during the treatment has made it uncomfortable for many people.


Here, clear aligners are another Orthodontic treatment option through which a person can straighten their misaligned teeth. They have given some nice results with teeth straightening and improved smiles.


What are clear aligners?

How does the clear aligner workClear aligners are a type of Orthodontic treatment that is used to correct the misalignment of the teeth to straighten them. They are an alternative to the braces treatment that can give the same result as that of the clear aligners.


Clear aligners are not easy to notice as they are transparent which makes a person comfortable while smiling and talking. Also, clear aligners can be removed when needed which makes it easier to eat more food, brush the teeth, and clean the aligners properly.


How does the clear aligner work?

A clear aligner method is used to correct the issues like crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, diastema, open bites, or any type of teeth misalignment problem. Clear aligners are custom-made as per the situation of the teeth of a person.


It is prepared in a way that it exerts proper pressure on the teeth and moves them slowly in the desired direction. After putting in the aligners, a person must visit the Orthodontist after every four to five weeks, as per the appointment given.


Here, the new aligners set will be given to make the teeth move to the desired position from the previous position. There are very lesser restrictions on eating the food. A clear aligner works in a much slower way to get the desired position of the teeth.


How is the clear aligner treatment procedure?

Clear aligner works in a similar way, as that of the other traditional braces treatment. There is a standard procedure for the clear aligner treatment of the misaligned teeth.


Clinical steps followed during the clear aligner treatment:

1. Taking the impressions

Taking the impressionsAfter completing the initial assessment of the teeth and confirming the treatment from the patient for a clear aligner, the Orthodontist treatment will first take the impressions of the teeth. The impressions are taken to make the clear aligners as per the teeth position. Generally, digital impressions will be taken to make the aligners fit properly.


2. Images of the teeth

The Orthodontist will next take the images of the teeth, to understand the improvement in the teeth position at each stage. Images are taken after every specific interval to check the proper working of the aligners.


3. X-raysx rays

X-rays are taken after some days to check for any oral problems during the treatment process. X-rays taken help to understand the success of the treatment process properly.


Laboratory procedure during the clear aligner treatment:

1. Scanning the impression

The scanning is done of the impression taken of the teeth. It helps to do the necessary planning for the treatment and a proper 3D model is made. It helps to give the proper accuracy about the treatment model.


2. 3-D Models

Using the 3D technology, proper 3D models are prepared with the proper light-sensitive model which gets exposed to the laser. By using the thermoplastic, a proper model is prepared to give a proper position that can fit in the mouth.


3. Aligners

Although some people prefer aligners for making their treatment process comfortable, the main aim of aligners is to correct the teeth misalignment. Aligners can help to give the proper teeth alignment with an improved smile.


4. Checking the quality

After making the aligners, it is important to check that the clear aligners fit properly to a person. This will help to make the treatment process proper.


Procedure and instructions after putting clear aligners

  • Wearing aligners for at least 21-22 hours per day.
  • Following the Orthodontist appointment to switch for the next set of aligners.
  • Proper removal and putting of the aligners.
  • Cleaning the aligners regularly.

These are some of the procedures while getting the dental clear aligners braces. Get your clear aligners treatment soon to make proper teeth alignment.

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