Is clear aligner therapy a faster process?

Some people suffer from Orthodontic problems that degrade their quality of smile. Improper teeth alignments of different types are mainly responsible for this. It creates problems while eating the food, problems while speaking and makes an inappropriate smile. Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and Clear braces are some of the options for Orthodontic treatment. Although traditional metal braces are giving nice results, still, there is an increase in the use of clear aligners. There are many benefits given by the clear aligners which other options do not give.

Why do people prefer the clear aligner more than the traditional braces treatment?clear aligners

Traditional braces are used for many years for correcting improper teeth alignment. However, there are some reasons for clear aligners being used more widely than the traditional braces.

Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Traditional braces can be easily viewed by another person. The metal brackets on each tooth and the archwire joining them can be viewed when the mouth gets opened. The clear aligners do not have the brackets and the archwires. Also, their color is the same as that of the teeth making it very difficult to view by the third person.
  • Traditional braces cannot be removed on a daily basis. So, it becomes difficult to brush the teeth and clean the clear aligners properly. The clear aligners can be removed whenever needed. It is particularly removed while eating, brushing teeth, and cleaning the clear aligners.
  • Traditional braces are a little less costly than clear aligners. However, the benefits given by the clear aligners are more than the cost incurred in it.
  • Traditional braces need more duration for the completion of the treatment process. When it comes to the clear aligners, they need a lesser duration for the treatment process.

Is clear aligner a faster process?

The treatment process of the clear aligners is found to be faster than the other treatment process. Orthodontic treatment with a clear aligner gives faster results that help the person get results faster.

Working of the clear aligners

Working of the clear alignersA series of aligners will be properly put on the teeth. It will initially make the teeth in a remodeling phase. After this, a proper series will be made that can continuously move the teeth in the desired direction. After proper setting, they can be used. Each aligner is properly built to do the necessary action on each tooth. Pressure is put on the appropriate teeth to move the teeth in the desired locations. Each of the aligners is given a period of around three to four weeks. After this, a new set of aligners are made in a pattern that can move the teeth in the proper desired location. Each of the aligners pushes the teeth a little bit in the desired direction.

This process will continue around 12 to 24 months until the teeth are moved in the desired direction. The total duration for the treatment process can vary as per the complexity of the teeth position. If the guidelines are properly followed by a person, then the results are achieved faster as suggested by the Orthodontists. You can get the optimal results for proper teeth straightening.

What to expect during and after the treatment?

There are different things that the person can experience during and after the treatment process.

Expectations during the treatment:

  • A person can openly speak and smile without worrying about the aligners as they are not visible.
  • A person can remove the aligner whenever doing essential things.
  • Aligners will not restrict a person from eating anything, they can even try hard food.
  • A person can expect the results sooner compared to other treatment processes.

Expectations after the treatment:

  • One of the biggest things that a person will achieve is getting the proper teeth alignment.
  • An improvement in the smile of the person that can boost up better confidence in them.

These clear aligners are very simple to use and are not painful during the treatment process. The treatment processes here are much faster and can give better results. When going through the clear aligner treatment, it is important to follow the instructions given by the Orthodontist properly. It will help to give an improvement in the smile with proper teeth alignment.

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