Clear Aligners Cost in India

When a person has to go for any Orthodontic treatment then they are initially concerned about the braces being visible. The long duration treatment makes the people uncomfortable in different ways when they have traditional types of braces. A good thing about the advanced development in dental technology is that the clear aligners are not easily visible to other people.


These aligners have a color similar to that of the teeth which makes it difficult for other people to notice it. The aligners have made a significant change in the way people look at Orthodontic treatment.


What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are the alternative solution for the braces to do the Orthodontic treatment. They are invisible and removable that can be fitted properly on the teeth. These clear aligners gradually exert the force on the teeth to move them in a specific position.


The aligners are set properly around the teeth in a way that can remodel them in the initial stage. They continuously exert pressure on the teeth to make them move in a specific direction. These aligners are changed by the Orthodontist for a period of around four to five weeks.


What factors are responsible for clear aligners costing in India?

The costs of the clear aligners are certainly more than the traditional braces and other types of braces treatment. The cost of the clear aligners varies from case to case as per the misalignment of the teeth. There are some of the factors on which the costs of the clear aligners are dependent. Here are some factors on which the clear aligners costing in India is dependent:


1. Type of misalignment

The primary thing that is the deciding factor of the clear aligners cost in India is the type of teeth misalignment. Improper teeth alignment, underbite, overbite, crossbite, crowding of the teeth, twisted tooth, etc. are some of the different types of teeth alignment.


2. Duration of the treatment

Generally, the duration of the clear aligners varies from 12 to 24 months. The duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of your case. The more complex your case is, the more duration your treatment will continue. The lesser the duration, the less is the cost, and the more the duration, the more is the cost of the treatment.


3. Quality of the aligners

clear braces

The quality of the clear aligners also makes the costing variable as per the case. The brand of the aligners has different charges and they make the clear aligners valuable accordingly.


4. Internal charges

The clear aligners are made after taking the impressions of the teeth. So, they are custom-made as per the requirement. There are many internal charges included in it like the number of aligners, manufacturers, lab charges, etc. Apart from that, there are other overhead charges too included in the making of the clear aligners.


What are the clear aligners cost in India?

As we have discussed earlier, it can be stated that there is no accurate cost for the clear aligner treatment in India. This depends on the number of factors. At initial, the dental expert will access the teeth condition with the help of an X-ray. After knowing the condition, they can give the proper guidance on the cost and the clear aligner treatment roadmap. The number of aligners needed for the treatment is the primary factor for deciding the cost of the treatment.


In general, the clear aligners treatment cost starts from Rs.50,000/- to a few lakhs. The exact cost certainly will vary as per the case. After doing the check-up, the Orthodontist will give the proper quote from the treatment. The type of bite problem an individual has makes the Orthodontist go with specific clear aligner treatments. Here, they choose the proper aligners accordingly.


What are the benefits of clear aligners?

benefits of clear aligner
  • The clear aligners are not easily noticeable, which can make the person feel comfortable during the treatment process.
  • The clear aligners are easily removable, which can help to eat the food properly, brush the teeth, and clean the clear aligners properly.
  • There is hardly any need for the extraction of the premolars during the treatment.
  • Clear aligners are easier to use that can make the person more comfortable in the treatment process.
  • The treatment procedure of Clear aligner is less painful and done in simple seating, compared to traditional braces.

The costs of the clear aligners are certainly more than the traditional braces. However, the comfort it gives during the treatment process is worth it. The person has to follow proper doctors guidelines during the treatment. Clear aligners can give the desired output for proper teeth alignment.

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