Clear Aligners Limitations

People who are suffering from improper teeth alignment must be obviously looking for the going with the Orthodontic treatment. Well, Orthodontic treatment is the only way to treat the teeth misalignment problem. Many people are now increasingly using the clear aligner treatment, despite other options like metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, etc.


The benefits and the comfort are given by the clear aligners during the treatment process are mainly responsible for it. Making a decision to go with the clear aligners can always be better, despite the fact that they have some limitations too. Clear aligners are capable of giving some of the better results.

What are clear aligners?

What are clear alignersClear aligners are the alternative solution for the braces treatment for getting the proper teeth alignment. The removable property of the clear aligner has made it easy to eat, brush your teeth, and clean the aligners properly.


The similar color to that of the teeth has made it difficult to notice it, making it more aesthetic to the person. So, compared with the other treatment, a clear aligner provides more comfort during the treatment process.


What are the limitations of the clean aligners?

Clear aligners have some of the limitations that must be considered before going for this treatment.

Here are some of the limitations of the clear aligner treatment:

1. Removing and putting it properlyRemoving clear aligner

As clear aligners can be easily removed and put in place while doing important activities like eating, teeth brushing, and cleaning aligners, a person also needs to take other care.


Here, the person must remove them and put them in place properly, as there is a possibility of teeth being pushed unknowingly. A person must stand properly in front of the mirrors to remove aligners and put them correctly.


2. Proper cleaning before putting the clear aligners

When the clear aligners are removed while eating the food, it is important to clean the mouth properly. The existence of small particles may cause teeth to decay and plaque development. This can cause damage to the teeth and lead to different gum problems. So, after finishing eating the food, the mouth must be cleaned before putting up the clear aligners again.


3. Need to wear at least 22 hours a day

Although clear aligners can be removed during important activities like eating, brushing teeth, and cleaning the aligners, it is not spared from putting the aligners on for long hours. It is mandatory to put the aligners for at least 22 hours a day. This is taking almost the whole day, except for 2 hours.


4. Expensive

One of the major factors in the limitations of the clear aligner is the high cost associated with it. Compared to the other treatment process, the clear aligner treatment cost is higher. The advanced technology and the expertise needed for this treatment are mainly responsible for the high cost here.


These are some of the limitations of the clear aligner treatment. A person must certainly be prepared to consider these limitations while going for this treatment. Despite the above limitations, there are some advantages of the clear aligner treatment. These advantages are worth going for this treatment.


5.Not Suitable for everyone

Clear Aligners works well for the simple and moderate misaligned teeth cases but for the extreme cases you still may need to consider Traditional braces, As clear aligner cannot fix large gap in your teeth, cannot shift too rotated teeth into proper alignment in such case dentist may suggest you to go with traditional braces.


What are the advantages of the clear aligner treatment?

There are some bigger advantages of the clear aligners in comparison with the other treatments.


Here are some of the advantages of the clear aligners treatment:

1. Looks attractive

Looks attractiveUnlike the traditional method, a clear aligner does not give a look of a mouth full of metal. Another person cannot even know that you have clear aligners in the mouth. A person can look attractive despite wearing clear aligners during the treatment process.


2. Make feel comfortable

When a person has traditional braces, they feel uncomfortable while eating, speaking, and smiling. Clear aligners do not have the brackets and wires that constantly distort these important activities. They give a more comfortable feel during the treatment process.


3. Removable

Clear aligners can be removed when needed that can make it easy while eating, talking, and smiling. This is something that is not observed in the other types of braces. It makes it comfortable to clean the aligners and brush the teeth, making it difficult to decay the teeth quickly. A person does not have to worry about the food particles getting accumulated due to braces.


4.Time Effective Treatment

Clear Aligner works faster compared to Traditional braces. Clear aligners treatment is so effective it can cut down the treatment time in half, the complete treatment of clear aligner is 12-18 months, and a lot of people can get the results in a matter of weeks.


5. Lower maintenance

Compared to the other types of treatment, clear aligner treatment needs very low maintenance. They do not have to worry more about the problem with the aligners while eating. A person can maintain the clear aligners properly in an easier way.


As we have seen both the limitations and the advantages, it can be easily recognized that clear aligners are better options. Many of the service providers now accept the payment on instalment basis too, making it simpler for the payment.


With clear aligners, a person only has to follow the proper guidelines provided by the Orthodontist to keep it safe. This treatment can help to achieve proper teeth alignment.

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