Retainers after Clear aligners treatment

There has been a considerable increase in Orthodontic treatment through the method of clear aligners. It is not easy to notice the clear aligners by other people due to its color same as that of the teeth and the ease to remove it when needed have attracted many people.


This can make the people look attractive without showing the aligners. Also, a person can remove and put the aligners when needed. It can make it simpler for eating the food, brushing teeth, and clean aligners.


The clear aligner treatment takes a few months completion. It is not all over, after the removal of the clear aligners. A person also needs to put the retainers for few weeks after removing the clear aligners.


What is the use of retainers after the clear aligner treatment?Retainers

  • A proper maintenance of the bite correction.
  • Keeping all the gaps between the teeth closed.
  • Avoid any further crowding of the teeth.
  • Reductions of the teeth grinding when sleeping.
  • Keep the treatment effect of the clear aligners on teeth for a longer duration.

Thus, retainers are very helpful in getting the proper results of the clear aligner treatment. The Orthodontist will guide properly on maintaining the retainers after the completion of the clear aligners treatment.


What are the different types of retainers?

There are different types of retainer options available. We will look broadly into the types of retainers available.


Here are different types of retainer options available:

1. Hawley retainersHawley retainers

Hawley retainers are the wire retainers that can be removed when needed. Usually, these retainers are removed while eating the food, doing the brushing activity of teeth, and cleaning the retainers. Removable retainers must be put for the duration as suggested by the Orthodontist properly.


2. Bonded retainers

Bonded retainersBonded retainers are put on the teeth after the removal of the braces for few weeks. They are properly put on the teeth so that they can maintain the position of the teeth properly. Generally, these retainers are suggested when the person has to maintain the teeth position properly and keep it for a prolonged period.


3. Clear plastic retainers

Clear plastic retainers can also be removed when needed. They are also known as molded retainers, as they can be molded and fitted to the proper positions when needed. As they are virtually not easy to visible, they are called clear plastic retainers. Many people get confused and consider clear plastic retainers with that of clear aligners.


However, they both are different. Clear aligners are used for teeth straightening, while clear plastic retainers are used to prevent it from moving out from the position.


How long a person has to wear the retainers?

If a person is wearing bonded retainers, they need to wear them for the whole day. If a person is wearing removable retainers, then the person can remove them when doing some important activities like food eating, brushing teeth, and aligners cleaning activity.


Generally, the Orthodontist suggests the wearing of the removable retainers for the period of 4 to 7 months properly.

After completing around 2 to 4 months period, the Orthodontist can suggest you wear it during the night only while sleeping, until finally removing after few months.


The removal of the retainer is suggested only after the complete assessment of the teeth position and the Orthodontist feels satisfied that the teeth are in a proper position.


What can happen if the retainers are not wore?

The position of the teeth is subjected to move during the lifetime. The people who have done the Orthodontic treatment must have already understood it, as they can observe different teeth positions before and after the treatment.


Completion of the clear aligner treatment does not mean that teeth will not change their position. If the retainers are not worn after clear aligner treatment then the teeth are subjected to move back to the old position.


This is known as the relapsing of teeth. If you do not wear the retainers then all the treatment efforts will be lost. For getting proper teeth alignment again, you need to go for the Orthodontic treatment from the first steps.


Retainers are helpful in maintaining the proper position of the teeth that have been aligned. You need to wear the retainers for a long duration as instructed by the Orthodontist. The instructions can vary from case to case. Retainers are useful for making the teeth remain in the desired position for a long duration.

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