Clear Aligners vs Braces

It is always nice that you have taken the decision of going for the Orthodontic treatment for getting those proper teeth alignments. While going for the treatment, people always find themselves confused between going for the clear aligners or braces treatment.


Although, the type of treatment does not matter much, as they give the same results of the proper teeth alignment. However, the type of treatment chosen affects the process of the treatment. Both clear aligners and braces have their own benefits and limitations too. A proper look into both of them can give a better idea about it.


What are braces?

bracesBraces are used in Orthodontic treatment to make the proper teeth alignment. In this type of treatment, the bracket is used which are put on every tooth, while all the brackets are joined together with the archwire. Both brackets and archwire exert pressure on the required teeth to move them in the desired position.


What are clear aligners?

Clear Aligners treatmentClear aligners are the alternative for the braces treatment that makes the teeth alignment proper. In this type of treatment, there are no brackets and archwire, instead, there are aligner sets that exert pressure on the respective teeth to get proper teeth alignment.


As we have understood, the basic difference between these types of treatment. Now, we can look into more about the detailed aspects of the clear aligners and the braces. 


What are the differences between clear aligners and braces?

Both clear aligners and braces aim to get the teeth straightening and improve the smile. There are many differences between them.


Here are some of the detailed comparative analyses between clear aligners and braces treatment on different aspects:

1. Visibility

Clear aligners are not easily visible to the other person, as it has the same color as that of the teeth. It makes people more comfortable while speaking and smiling.


Braces are easily visible with the metal brackets and archwire being easily noticed by other people. It makes people a little uncomfortable, as they are easily visible while speaking and smiling.


2. Removability

Removing clear alignersClear aligners can be easily removed when needed which makes it easier to chew the food, brush the teeth, and clean the aligners.


Braces cannot be removed by the person which makes them difficult to chew some food, creates problems while brushing teeth, and tedious to clean the aligners.


3. Comfort

Clear aligners provide much comfort for the individual when compared to the other treatments. A person having clear aligners may find it lesser distractions while speaking. Also, a person can eat comfortably by just removing the aligners.


For braces, it is much uncomfortable to speak and the distorted speech can easily be noticed. Also, it is not possible to remove the braces under any circumstance by the individual, so they have to eat carefully with the braces on.


4. Hygiene

Clear aligners can be easily removed and cleaned properly. It helps to remove the food particles and plaque gathering on it. A person can also brush their teeth comfortably when the braces are not there.


Braces cannot be removed easily that can make it difficult to clean properly. Here, the person has to clean the braces within the limits which increase the chances of the food or plaque getting developed there. As brushing all the sides of teeth becomes difficult, there are possibilities of the plaque development on it.


5. Diet control

Clear aligners will have the lesser diet control suggestions by the Orthodontist and they can be allowed to eat the hard food too. 

In braces treatment, there will be more diet control where they can be suggested by the Orthodontist to avoid the hard food.


6. Treatment time

Clear aligners will have a lesser duration, in comparison with the other types of treatment. Usually, the duration of the treatment will be around a 12 to 16 months period.


Braces treatment can take a longer duration for the complete treatment. Usually, the duration of the treatment can be around 14 to 24 months period.


7. Cost

Clear aligners have a high cost when compared to the other types of treatment.

The cost of the braces treatment is lesser than the other treatment process.


So, these are some of the comparative analyses of the clear aligners and braces treatment. After knowing the different aspects, if you still are in confusion about the treatment options then consult the Orthodontist, they can guide you nicely.

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