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All people do not have the proper teeth alignment that creates several problems for them. There are different types of the teeth misalignment problem that troubles a person that needs Orthodontic treatment as the solution. Overjet is one such kind of Orthodontic problem observed in many people.


It creates a lot of problems while eating the food. A person here also finds it difficult to speak clearly and their teeth are quickly visible when they smile. Many people tend to consider the overbite and overjet as the same thing. However, they both are different Orthodontic problems.


What is Overjet?

overjetThe overjet is a condition where the front upper teeth protrude outwards than the lower teeth in the front direction of the lips. It is also known as the “protrusion”; and “buck teeth”. The overjet mainly occurs as the result of the inappropriate structure of the face. Here, there is underdevelopment of either the lower jaw or upper jaw.


What are the causes of the overjet?

Generally, the overjet problem is the result of genetics. Apart from this, there are other reasons too that are responsible for the overjet.  Here are some of the causes of overjet.

  • Thumb sucking.
  • Pacifier or bottle use after a long time.
  • Late growth of adult teeth.
  • Tongue thrusting.
  • Overcrowded teeth.

Why is it necessary to correct the overjet problem soon?

1. It looks unattractive

Overjet generally looks unattractive which makes people feel less confident in social situations. The protruding teeth can be easily visible to a third person here.


2. Problem in social situations

People having the overjet bring many of the other problems in them like social isolation, social anxiety, depression, etc. This makes them avoid talking and smiling in social situations due to the easy visibility of their teeth.


3. Problem while chewing food

Overjet people have a problem while chewing the food where their upper jaws and lower laws do not meet. This also makes them avoid eating some of the hard food.


4. Problem in speaking

The people having the overjet mostly have the unclear type of speech. This makes it difficult to explain or talk in some of the important situations. In some cases, unclear speech is more severe that makes it difficult to understand any third person.


5. Suffer from pain while chewing or biting food

Overjet teeth are not properly aligned especially the front teeth which make it difficult to chew or bite food. Some people who suffer from overjet may also feel pain while chewing or biting food.


6. Damage to other teeth and gums

People having overjet may also suffer tooth pain and gum problems as their teeth are misaligned and the front teeth may damage their gums.


What are the ways to treat the overjet problem?

treat the overjet problemThere are different ways to treat the overjet problem through Orthodontic treatment. Clear aligner is one such effective way to treat the overjet problem that can help to achieve proper teeth alignment.


Clear aligners have the ability to treat the different complex Orthodontic problems like overjet. This treatment gives the same result as that of traditional braces. The convenience provided by the clear aligners has made the people more attracted to this treatment.


Clear aligners cause less irritation to the cheeks from the inner side, as it does not have any brackets or the wires. It makes it simpler for the person to use it in a more proper way.


Can clear aligners treat all levels of the overjet problem?

Clear aligners are found to be very effective in treating the mild and moderate levels of overjet problems. In one case, the lower teeth are moved a little forward to reduce the gap between the upper teeth set and the lower teeth set.


Thereafter, the high pressure is put properly on the upper teeth set so that it can move backward to coincide with the lower teeth set. This is mostly done in the case of the moderate level of the overjet.


In other cases, when the overjet case is mild then the pressure is put only on the upper teeth set. This moves the upper teeth set to move backward to the extent that it coincides to the lower teeth set.


In either case, the aim is to minimize the gap between the upper teeth set and the lower teeth set. In some of the severe cases, the Orthodontist has the check for the effectiveness of the clear aligners. If they find it not favorable then they can go for an alternate solution.


How long does it take for the complete treatment process?

The treatment duration needed can vary from case to case. Generally, for treating the overjet problem, the duration of around 1 to 2.5 years is needed depending on the severity of it.


Although overjet is not a serious problem that can cause other health problems, it is still important to correct it soon. Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners can be very effective in treating the overjet nicely.

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