Clear Aligners For Crossbite

There is hardly any person who likes to go for the complex Orthodontic treatment of braces. Some of the teeth misalignment problems like crossbite create a lot of problems for the person. It makes it difficult for them to chew the food, creates improper speech, and also makes the smile look improper.


Regardless of age, no person likes the crossbite and the different difficulties caused by it. So, it becomes necessary to have the proper treatment for it sooner.


Now, traditional methods with braces for Orthodontic treatment are being used widely for the treatment of this problem. However, due to many of the complexities created by this treatment, many people prefer clear aligners treatment solutions for it.


What is crossbite?

crossbiteIn a crossbite, the upper teeth set does not close down in front of the bottom teeth set which is normal. Here, there is no normal closing of the mouth where the upper teeth set and lower teeth set do not coincide.


What are the different problems associated with crossbite?

A crossbite is one of the Orthodontic problems that create different complications for the individual.


Here are some of the problems associated with the crossbite:

  • Due to crossbite, there can be a chip or wear down of the teeth.
  • There can be reddish marks on the gums.
  • Gums can recede.
  • Further, there can also be damage to the bone beneath the teeth.
  • It created problems while chewing the food.
  • It makes the smile of the person look improper, making them difficult in social situations.
  • Stress in the jaw muscles can lead to jaw and neck problems.

What are the causes of the crossbite?

  • Improper adult teeth growth, before losing the baby teeth.
  • In many cases, the crossbite problem is due to genetics.
  • Improper childhood habits like thumb sucking.
  • Bottle feeding in childhood for a prolonged period.
  • Baby teeth that don’t fall out.
  • Early baby tooth loss that causes teeth to drift and makes your teeth misaligned.
  • Small jaw that makes it difficult to fit all the teeth with proper alignment.
  • Teeth too big which make it difficult to fit well in proper alignment.

What are clear aligners?

What are clear alignersClear aligners are the alternative of braces treatment; it is a type of Orthodontic Treatment which is used by orthodontists to correct misaligned teeth of their patients. Clear aligners are virtually invisible and removable, which makes it simpler to eat food, brush your teeth and clean your aligners. Also they’re invisible which helps it to camouflage with your teeth.


How to solve crossbite teeth through clear aligners?

Although the traditional method can help to treat the crossbite properly, many people prefer the clear aligner solution too. Clear aligners can treat the lower and upper teeth moving to the correct position. Many teenagers and adults are using the clear aligners option for the crossbite treatment.


Aligners need to be worn day and night for a minimum of 22 hours a day to get the proper results.

The treatment process takes a longer duration about a 12 to 24 months period to get the proper teeth alignment. Here, the Orthodontist will assess the teeth condition properly in the mouth.


After understanding the condition, they will take the impressions of the teeth and make the clear aligners accordingly. These clear aligners are then put properly in the teeth. The clear aligners are framed in a way that will exert pressure on the respective teeth to move it in the specific direction to get the proper teeth alignment.


The person needs to maintain the proper appointment with the Orthodontist to change the aligners. Usually, changing the new aligners are done after a period of every five to six weeks period. The clear aligners are removed by the Orthodontist after attaining the desired location.


After the removal of the clear aligners, the retainers are mostly given to the person to ensure the treated teeth position is not changed after the treatment.


What are the benefits of the clear aligner treatment for the crossbite?Correcting Crossbite With Clear Aligners

Many people prefer the clear aligners treatment due to many of the benefits provided by it.

Here are some of the benefits of going for the clear aligner treatment for the crossbite:

  • Generally, the duration of the treatment is lesser when compared to the other Orthodontic problems.
  • It is invisible, which makes it look more aesthetic during the treatment process.
  • Compared to the traditional treatment, there are fewer Orthodontist appointments.
  • As the clear aligners can be removed, it becomes easier to eat, brush teeth, and clean aligners properly.
  • Better treatment results for the crossbite with clear aligners.

If you have an Orthodontic problem like crossbite and want to get a simpler treatment process then clear aligners are the better option for you. While going through the clear aligner treatment, it is essential to follow the guidelines given by the Orthodontist properly.

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