There has been an increase in the number of people going for Orthodontic treatment. This treatment helps to correct the problems like overbite, underbite, gap between teeth, crooked teeth, or any such teeth misalignment problem. Treatment with the traditional metal braces has been done for many years which have given nice results. The advancement in technology has now made a clear aligners method for treating Orthodontic problems. Clear aligners are found to be a more comfortable treatment method that can give the same results. Another advantage of the clear aligners treatment method is giving the result faster than the braces treatment.

What are braces?

bracesBraces are used for Orthodontic treatment with the use of brackets and archwires. Both brackets and archwires exert pressure on the teeth and move the teeth in the desired direction during the treatment process until they reach the desired position. Braces being made of brackets and archwires are easy notices while smiling, speaking, or in any circumstances when the mouth is opened. The braces cannot be removed by the person during the treatment process.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are Orthodontic treatments that do not use things like brackets or archwires. They work collectively to move the teeth in a specific direction till they are reached in the desired direction. As the clear aligners are transparent, they cannot be easily observed by other people. This makes a person comfortable while smiling, speaking, or at any event when the mouth is opened. Clear aligners can also be removed by the person when needed which makes it easier to eat, speak, and clean the aligners.

How do Aligners work?

How do Aligners workThe aim of the clear aligners is the same as that of the braces treatment which is to correct the misaligned teeth. After taking the impression of the teeth, the proper clear aligners are made which can work to make the teeth straighter. The clear aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day. After every 5 to 7 weeks, the Orthodontist will give the appointment for the check-up to understand the progress of the treatment and change the aligners set. These new aligners set to make the movement of the teeth from the current position to the desired position.

These aligners are prepared in a way that it makes the desired teeth move in a proper direction so that it leads to the correct teeth alignment. While going through the clear aligner, the patient will feel much more comfortable during the treatment process. All the teeth get the pressure with the clear aligners together which makes the teeth move in the proper position. A proper follow of the guidelines can make the clear aligners treatment work faster.

How do aligners work faster than braces?

The braces involve the use of the brackets and archwires in the treatment. They exert small pressure on each of the individual teeth to move them in the desired position. Compared to the clear aligners, the braces treatment needs lesser attention from the Orthodontist to move the teeth in the desired direction. As the movement of the teeth in the braces treatment is slower when compared to the clear aligners treatment, aligners are working faster for achieving teeth straightening. Clear aligners can comfortably provide faster results when compared to the braces treatment.

How long does a clear aligner take to straighten teeth?

Generally, any Orthodontic treatment takes a longer duration of more than one year for the complete treatment process. It is observed that for a particular case, the amount of duration needed for the complete treatment through clear aligner treatment is faster than the braces treatment. There are some exceptions in the case of the severity of the teeth misalignment. One of the most important things essential for getting faster and proper results is following the instructions properly.

Are you ready to straighten your teeth?

As the clear aligners can be removed during the treatment process, the patient can do many of the daily activities more comfortably. It is important to follow the guideline provided by the Orthodontist properly to get the desired results.

If you still find confusion about going to a particular type of treatment, you must visit the Orthodontist for a check-up and discussion. They can guide you to proper treatment which can suit you nicely.

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