Clear Aligners: Procedure and Cost

Getting the treatment for the teeth misalignment has become very simple now. Orthodontic treatment with metal braces has been used for many years now for correcting many of the teeth misalignment problems. However, metal braces have their own set of problems.


The tightening of the archwires, cheeks irritations, problems while eating many food items, and other problems are the reason for it. Clear aligners are one of the products made due to advancements in technology.


The invisible nature of the clear aligners gives an aesthetic appearance to an individual. The clear aligner method is now chosen by many people for Orthodontic treatment.


What are clear aligners?

What are clear alignersClear aligners are the Orthodontic treatment method that makes the teeth alignment proper. These treatments are an alternative for braces treatment. Clear aligners are transparent that makes it easier for the person to smile and speak comfortably without any concern of noticing the aligners.


Also, the removable nature of the clear aligners makes it very easier for the person to eat, brush their teeth, and clean the aligners teeth properly. Many People Prefer Clear Aligner because of the higher success rate and invisibility and removable properties which they found more suitable to them over the traditional braces method.


How Aligners Work?

Clear aligners are made of plastic material that is very strong and designed properly to fit in the mouth of the person. The series of aligners moves each of the teeth in the desired direction. The period for the clear aligner treatment period varies from one person to another as per the case of the teeth misalignment.


After doing the initial assessment of the teeth, the Orthodontist will first take the impression of the mouth with the help of an X-ray. After getting a proper impression, the planning for the working of the treatment is done properly. After taking the impressions, the Orthodontist will give the proper roadmap for the treatment process.


The clear aligners are then made as per the treatment aim. The set of clear aligners will exert pressure on the teeth to move them in a specific direction until it reaches the desired position. The person has to visit the Orthodontist to change the aligners set as per the appointment given. Generally, the next appointment is given after an interval of around 5 to 7 weeks.


Each of the new sets of aligners will move the teeth from the current location to the desired location. Clear aligners can treat different problems like crooked teeth, overbite, underbite, the gap between teeth, and any such teeth misalignment problem. Clear aligners can give better teeth alignment that can improve the smile nicely.


How much does clear braces cost in India?

What are the clear costs in IndiaThere is no accurate dental braces price for all the clear aligners and they differ from case to case. There are various factors too on which the cost is decided by the clear aligners. Initially, a proper assessment of the teeth is done with the help of the X-rays where the condition of the teeth is checked.


After knowing the condition, clear aligners will be made accordingly where the cost factor will be decided. One of the most important factors that decide the cost of the clear aligners is the number of aligners needed for it.


As mentioned earlier, the cost of the aligners will surely depend on a number of factors. However, the costs start from Rs.50,000/- to lakhs. The Orthodontist will provide the quotation for the costing, mostly in the bifurcation format. Also, the type of bite problem is another deciding factor for the cost of a clear aligner.

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