Treatment with Clear Aligners

Having a teeth misalignment problem causes many problems for an individual. Here a person finds it difficult to smile, eat, and speak due to inappropriate teeth alignment. If you are thinking about the teeth alignment treatment now then braces might be the first thing that will come to your mind.


A person getting through the braces treatment looks a little different with all metallic things appearing in the mouth when they smile. Braces treatment also has many other problems too. A clear aligner is one such Orthodontic treatment method for correcting the teeth misalignment problem properly.


What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are the Orthodontic treatment method for correcting teeth misalignment. They are just an alternative for the braces treatment that can help to bring the aesthetic appearance during the treatment process too.


Clear aligners are transparent which makes them difficult to notice by other people. This makes it easier for a person to smile, eat, and speak properly without any hindrance. The removable nature of the clear aligners makes it easier to eat food, smile, and speak easily. Clear aligners method is now increasingly opted by many people for treating teeth misalignment.


What is the Difference between Traditional Braces & Clear Aligners?

Traditional Braces and Clear AlignersThe main aim of both traditional braces and clear aligners is to make the proper teeth alignment and make an improvement to the smile. However, their approach in the treatment differs a lot.


Here are some of the difference between traditional braces & clear aligners:

1. Noticeable

As traditional metal braces are made of metals, they are easily noticeable by other people.

The clear aligners being made of transparent material are not easy to notice to the other person.


2. Ease of removing

remove Clear AlignersA person wearing the braces cannot remove it when needed, they need to put them continuously in the mouth.

It is much easier for a person to remove the clear aligners where they can comfortably eat the food, brush their teeth properly, and clean the aligners by removing it.


3. Comfortable in mouth

Comparatively, braces are less comfortable, as they can cause abrasion in the mouth due to constant contact with braces. They can also cause irritation in the cheeks from the inside part of the mouth.


Clear aligners are more comfortable comparatively, as they irritate very less inside the mouth. The cheeks will not feel any sort of irritation during the treatment process.


4. Maintaining oral hygiene

cleaning Clear AlignersIt is difficult to maintain complete oral hygiene during the braces treatment. Here, it becomes difficult to brush all the teeth due to the presence of the braces inside. Also, some of the accumulated foodstuffs in the complex region of the teeth are not possible to remove, until the Orthodontist changes or removes the braces.


With clear aligners, a person can easily maintain oral hygiene as they can be removed. This makes it easier to clean all the sides of the teeth properly and remove all the accumulation of the foodstuff in complex regions.


5. Cost

The cost of the traditional metal braces is comparatively lesser which makes it much budget-friendly for the patient.

The costs of the clear aligners are comparatively higher than other treatments. However, the comfort and results provided are excellent by the clear aligner treatment.


What care must be taken with clear aligners?

  • The aligners must be removed while flossing, brushing, and eating the food.
  • For getting the desired results, the aligners must be worn for at least 20 hours a day.
  • The aligners must be kept clean by properly removing and cleaning it.
  • Avoid eating harder food roughly that damages the aligners.

What care should be taken after braces treatment?

  • Try to avoid more hard and crunchy food after the completion of the clear aligner treatment.
  • In several cases, the retainers are advised by the Orthodontist after the removal of clear aligners. They basically maintain the teeth in the proper position post braces treatment.
  • Ensure that the flossing and brushing activity is done regularly to avoid any decaying of the teeth.
  • Keep the regular check-up of the teeth to ensure proper teeth position.

These are some of the aspects of the clear aligner treatment. Orthodontic treatment usually takes more duration for completing the process. Clear aligner comparatively takes a lesser duration for treatment. Ensure proper teeth alignment with the clear aligner treatment.

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