Pros and Cons of Clear Aligners

Getting treatment for the teeth misalignment problem has become very easy now. There are various Orthodontic treatment methods through which the correction of the teeth misalignment can be done. Earlier, braces treatment was the only method of correcting any of the teeth misalignment problems.


However, getting along with the long duration treatment process with the braces treatment is not easy. A person has to go through some complications and needs to take extra care with the clear braces treatment. The easy to notice metal braces and non-removability of braces have made it difficult to go along for any person.


Clear aligners are a newer method for Orthodontic treatment for making proper teeth alignment. It would be worth noting that a clear aligner has some pros and cons.


What are Clear Aligners?

clear aligners benefits

Clear aligners are the Orthodontic treatment method that can correct the misalignment of the teeth. Clear aligners are an alternative for braces treatment where the person can get the treatment with more comfort.


The non-visibility of these aligners makes a person comfortable as it is not noticed easily. Also, the removable nature of these aligners makes it simpler to eat, teeth brushing, and other cleanings of the aligners properly.


What types of dental issues can clear aligners correct?

A Clear aligner is an effective way to get the proper teeth alignment. They can solve different types of teeth misalignment problems.


Some of the common teeth misalignment problems corrected through the clear aligners treatment include underbite, overbite, crossbite, crowding of the teeth, the gap between the teeth, and many such teeth misalignment problems.


Apart from the above issues, clear aligners can help to improve the quality of the smile. They can bring a new aesthetical facial appearance through the treatment. A clear aligner makes a person feel more comfortable throughout the treatment process.


What are the pros and cons of the clear aligners?

Although clear dental aligners are emerging as the better choice among the youth, it is worth noting some of their pros and cons.


Pros of clear aligners:

1. They are not noticeable


Unlike braces treatment which has brackets and archwires which are easily noticeable, clear aligners are not noticeable. Clear aligners are made of transparent material which cannot be noticed. This makes the person feel more comfortable while smiling, speaking, and opening their mouth.


2. Easy to brush teeth & clean aligners

Traditional braces make the teeth brushing task very tougher due to the presence of the brackets and the archwires. This would increase the chances of teeth getting decayed or plaque development on it. As clear aligners can be removed, it makes teeth cleaning easier by just removing the aligners. The clear aligners can also be removed and cleaned properly.


3. Lesser restriction on food

In traditional braces treatment, there are many restrictions on eating the food as it becomes difficult to eat hard foods. However, there are very few restrictions on eating the food as the clear aligners are removable, So you can simply remove your aligner while eating food and again use it once you are done.


4. Possibility of the potential problem is lesser

In braces treatment, there are many possibilities of the problems with damaging the braces treatment. Here, there are chances of brackets falling or the archwire breaking. This makes it important to quickly visit the Orthodontist to correct it. However, the potential problems associated with the clear aligners are lesser that gives a more comfortable treatment.


5. Lesser duration for complete treatment

The duration required for the completion of the Orthodontic treatment with the clear aligners is found to be lesser compared to the braces treatment. For braces treatment, the duration needed ranges from 15 to 24 months. However, the duration of the clear aligners may take around 12 to 18 months period.


Cons of clear aligners:

1. Must wear at least 22 hours a day

Although clear aligners can be removed when needed, it is also important to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. This can help to avoid frequent removal to ensure better results.


2. Difficult to treat complex issues

Some of the teeth misalignment problems are very complex that cannot be treated with braces treatment. Here, traditional braces can be effective in treating some of the complex issues.


3. Careful removal and putting

Although clear aligners can be removed and put again in teeth, it is important to do it carefully. Improper removal or putting the aligners can disturb the teeth’ position which can impact the treatment process. So, proper removal and putting aligners can give better teeth alignment.


4. Costly

Compared to the other Orthodontic treatment, clear aligner treatments are found to be more costly. Here, the person must be prepared for the high cost associated with it.


Although there are some cons associated with clear aligners, the comfort and results given by them are nice. A proper following of the guidelines given by the Orthodontist can help to give better results from clear aligner treatment.


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