What Are Clear Aligners Made Of?

Getting Orthodontic treatment is very important for correcting the misalignment of teeth. You must have definitely researched the types of method used for proper teeth alignment. If you have decided to go with the clear aligners rather than the braces treatment then you must be surely excited to get proper teeth alignment with improvement in the smile.


However, another important question that surely might have come to your mind is about, what are clear aligners made of? Well, that’s good that you think properly before going ahead with any of the treatments. We will be having a closer look at the making of the clear aligners.


What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are the Orthodontic treatment method that can treat the problem of teeth misalignment. Clear aligners are an alternative for braces treatment for a comfortable treatment process.


The unique nature of being transparent makes it difficult for other people to notice it. Also, the removable property of the clear aligners makes it easier for eating, brush the teeth, and clean the aligners easily by just removing them.


How Are Clear Aligners Made?

The clear aligners are made with the much-advanced technology through which robust aligners can be made for the treatment of teeth misalignment.


Thermoplastic is the primary material used in the making of clear aligners. They are designed in a way to make it fit properly in the mouth to give better results for proper teeth alignment.


Here are the steps followed while making the clear aligners:

Dental Clinic Steps:

1. Taking the teeth impression

Taking the teeth impressionInitially, a proper impression of the teeth is taken, so that the accurate clear aligner sets can be made which can fit properly in the mouth. A proper force is applied to the teeth to get the proper impression of the teeth.


2. Taking the images

There are images taken to make sure that the clear aligners are made as per the proper improvement. Taking the records is very essential to make further improvements in the aligners during the making process.


3. Taking the X-rays

dentist-x-rayX-rays help to take the proper insight of the teeth condition which can help to make the proper clear aligners set. It can help to detect any of the internal problems in the teeth.


Laboratory steps:

1. Doing the scanning

The scanning is done to get the proper replica of the teeth as per the treatment plan. The proper 3D model is made to make proper clear aligners. It makes it proper to make the accurate planning for the treatment.


2. Making a 4-D model

A light-sensitive liquefied resin is used that helps in solidifying the material while making clear aligners. Later thermoplastic is used for preparing the models that can make them fit in the fixed align position.


3. Aligners

The aligners are then as per the condition of the teeth. It helps to get the proper teeth alignment results in the style. The main thing here is to get the proper teeth misalignment that can improve the teeth alignment.


4. Getting the quality check

After making the clear aligners, the quality of the clear aligner is checked for it any flaws in it. This will help to make the proper clear aligners which the person can comfortably wear for getting the desired results.


What are the instructions to follow during the clear aligner treatment?

  • The primary thing to do during the clear aligner treatment is to wear it for at least 22 hours a day.
  • Visiting the Orthodontist with a proper appointment where the changing of the aligner set will occur and checking the progress of the teeth movement.
  • Following the eating guidelines properly.
  • Clean the aligners properly by removing them from the mouth.
  • Properly clean and rinse your teeth and aligners before using them.
  • Drinking too hot water while wearing your aligner.

Clear aligners are made with some of the standard steps to give the proper results. Clear aligners can be helpful in getting proper teeth alignment.

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