Nighttime clear aligners

There are some people who do not have proper teeth alignment that creates a wide range of problems for them. So, they need to get the proper Orthodontic treatment soon, to get the proper alignment of their teeth. These treatments can help them to straighten the teeth, improve food chewing, improve smile quality, and other benefits.


Generally, people are aware of some common options for Orthodontic treatments like metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and clear aligners.


Among these options, clear aligners are increasingly used by many people. They provide more comfort for the individual during and after the treatment process completion. However, people also can opt for night time clear aligners.


These nighttime clear aligners are designed to be worn during the night. These options might be new to listen to for many people. However, they are effective in the same way as the normal clear aligners. We will look into more detail about these night aligners here.


What are your nighttime aligners?What are your nighttime aligners

Nighttime clear aligners are the clear aligner tray that must be worn during the night while you go to sleep. The nighttime clear aligners are suitable for people who have problems like the gap between their teeth, crowding of the teeth, etc.


Nighttime aligners make the movement of the teeth in a very slow pattern than the normal clear aligners. After some duration, the teeth alignment will be in proper order that can improve the smile. After taking the impression of the teeth set, the nighttime aligners teeth are made with the advanced technology.


A proper mechanical system is used with the customized software to make nighttime aligners. It must be fitted properly to the teeth, so that the desired treatment process occurs. These nighttime aligners are custom made which can take a few days to make after taking the teeth impressions.


How are they different from clear aligners?

1. Duration of wearing

Clear aligners are expected to be worn for at least 22 hours in a day. They can be removed only while eating, brushing teeth, and cleaning the aligners.

Night aligners must be worn for at least 8 hours in a day. This must be particularly worn during the night while going to sleep.


2. Treatment completion

The completion of the normal clear aligners is expected around 8 to 10 months duration.

Nighttime aligners can take around 14 to 16 months for the completion of the treatment.


3. Costing

When it comes to cost, the cost of the clear aligners is comparatively lower than the cost of the nighttime aligners. So, you must be ready with the proper budget when going for the option of clear aligners.


4. Eating

When you have the clear aligners, it is difficult to eat the food along with putting it in the mouth. However, you can comfortably eat with the nighttime aligners in the mouth. It is also possible to eat a little hard food comfortably with these aligners.


How is the working of the nighttime aligners?

The nighttime aligners put the proper pressure on the particular tooth to be moved in the desired position. The movement of the teeth is much slower when compared to the other treatment process.


The regular check-ups must be done as per the appointment to ensure that the next set of nighttime aligners is set by the Orthodontist. It will move the teeth in the proper position to ensure that the proper teeth straightening are done.


How is the effectiveness of nighttime aligners?

Nighttime aligners are designed particularly to be worn at night while going to sleep. Although these aligners take a little more duration for the treatment process, they are found to be effective.


Many Orthodontic problems like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gap between teeth, etc. are treated in an easier way. Research has shown that they are a more viable and safe option for the treatment.

They have given some of the fantastic results that have helped to improve the smile of the person.


So, nighttime clear aligners are one of the wonderful treatment options for proper teeth alignment. They provide much comfort while eating the food with the aligners on. They are much easier to remove and put again in the tooth that reduces the hassles. Although they cost a little higher than the normal clear aligners, they provide more comfort for the person.

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