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It is very important to understand that going ahead with Orthodontic treatment cost is not easier for any person. They need to be prepared to keep patience for a longer duration, proper maintenance of braces/aligners, strictly following guidelines, and visiting the check-ups properly.


Proper maintenance of the aligners along the treatment process is very important. This is mainly due to the long duration treatment process where the aligners are subjected to getting damage or other problems.


The clear aligners are used for the proper teeth alignment. The clear aligners are now being used increasingly by many people. They have a greater advantage of not being visible to other people easily and it can be removed whenever needed.


The clear aligners have the same color as that of the teeth that makes it difficult for the third person to detect. Also, these aligners are made in such a way that they can be easily removed and fitted again to the position by the person wearing them.


Why is it important to maintain aligner hygiene?wearing of the clear aligners

There are multiple reasons to keep the proper maintenance of the aligner hygiene.

Here are some of the important points to maintain the aligner hygiene:

  • Food particles constantly get trapped while eating it and it is difficult to remove through normal brushing when the food is sticky.
  • Not cleaning the aligners and teeth for a longer duration can lead to bacteria build-up.
  • Improper cleaning of the aligners can even cause the problem of bad breath.
  • The clear aligners might also get damaged due to some reasons, so cleaning and maintaining them properly is very important.
  • Improper maintenance of the clear aligners can also cause problems of tooth decay.

As we can see there are many such disadvantages of not maintaining proper hygiene of the aligners, it is important to take necessary care. It will be interesting to look at the tips to take care of it.


What are the tips to take care of it?Cleaning-Invisalign-Aligners

Some of the tips can help you to take care of the aligners properly.


Here are some tips to take care of the clear aligners:

1. Do not keep the aligners tray open

Keeping the clear aligners tray open can collect some dust on it and there are also chances of the bacteria build-up on it. These bacteria can then enter in the mouth causing damage to the teeth and gums. Keep the aligners tray properly in the box in a safer place.


2. Cleaning the tray and teeth daily

The aligners tray must be cleaned daily to remove all the dust and bacteria from it. After cleaning the tray, it is also important to clean the teeth properly to remove the entire bacteria layer from it.


The cleaning must be done twice a day: one before going to sleep at night and the second in the morning after getting up from sleep. Using a soft-bristles brush for cleaning the aligners is necessary to avoid any damage to it.


3. Proper rinsing of mouth after every meal

If the mouth is not rinsed properly after the meal, there might be chances of food particles being trapped in the aligners. This may cause the bacteria build-up and decay of the teeth. When you are having the treatment with clear aligners, it is important to rinse the mouth properly after every meal. This will help to remove all the smaller food particles too from the teeth.


4. Always remove the clear aligners while eating

Eating along with the clear aligners can make the food particles stuck on it. So, it is also the advice of the expert Orthodontists to remove the clear aligners while eating the food.


5. Visit the appointment regularly

It is important to change the aligners after the interval of few weeks as per the guidance of the Orthodontist. This helps to move the teeth to move in a specific direction for proper teeth alignment. Not visiting the appointment properly can impact the teeth movement as desired. So to achieve the proper desired teeth alignments, visit the appointment properly.


6. Maintain the food restrictions properly

Some hard foods can damage the structure of clear aligners. Also, very hot food must be avoided during the treatment process. So, understand the food restrictions properly for keeping clear aligners nicely.


7. Regular wearing of the clear aligners

It is recommended by the experts to wear the clear aligners at least 22 hours a day. This helps to straighten the teeth properly to get correct teeth alignment. Do not remove the aligners for temporary discomfort. The aligners can remove best during the day when they are in your mouth.


Orthodontic treatment requires proper maintenance of the clear aligners to get the desired teeth position. For proper slower teeth movement in the desired way, it is important for keeping the clear aligners in better condition.

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