Have gaps in your teeth? Here’s what you need to know!

Notice gaps in your teeth and wonder what you can do about them? We can help you! Spaces or gaps in teeth are a common tooth irregularity in people worldwide. While some people have generalized irregularity, others have gaps between a few teeth.

While spacing in milk teeth is normal, having gaps in your permanent teeth requires attention. Let’s understand more about what causes teeth gaps, how they are corrected, and what happens if they are not treated.

How Are Teeth Gaps Caused?

Teeth gaps can be caused by several reasons, which include:

teeth gap


Tooth size-jaw size mismatch

The most common cause of teeth gaps is a mismatch between jaw and teeth size. When the jaw size is large, the teeth are small, or a combination of the two factors occurs, teeth gaps are caused. This usually happens when an individual inherits teeth size from one parent and jaw size from the other.


Habits like tongue-thrusting and thumb-sucking apply excessive abnormal forces on the upper and lower front teeth, pushing them forward and causing them to flare. This gives rise to spaces between teeth. A large tongue is also to blame for teeth gaps in some individuals.

Gum disease

Early-stage gum diseases cause inflammation, reddening, and bleeding gums. When the infection is not treated in time, it can spread to the underlying bone, causing periodontitis. This condition is characterized by bone loss and loosening teeth, leading to their mobility and spacing between them.

Tooth rotations

When teeth are rotated in their positions, they can cause teeth spacing in many individuals. In some cases, however, crowding may occur.

Impacted teeth

Some teeth fail to erupt and remain stuck in the bone. These teeth are called impacted teeth. When teeth are impacted, they are not seen in the mouth, but the space for them appears as a gap.

Why Should You Close Teeth Gaps?

Most people who wish to undergo orthodontic treatment do so for crowding of teeth. But, teeth spacing requires correction just as much as crowded teeth. Here are some compelling reasons you need to see your orthodontist for the gap in your teeth:

  • Improve the aesthetics and beauty of your smile
  • Prevent food lodgement
  • Reduce the risk of cavity formation
  • Reduces risk of gum diseases
  • Boost self-confidence

How are Teeth Gaps Closed?

braces for teeth gaps

Teeth gaps can be successfully closed, and the treatment plan depends upon the cause of your teeth gaps. Apart from cases where the teeth gaps are caused due to gum disease,  most cases are effectively treated using transparent orthodontic braces, and aligners.

When the cause of tooth gaps is a thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting habit, appliances may be given to reduce the habit before correcting teeth alignment. When impacted teeth are the cause, they may be extracted or surgically removed in the dental clinic.

If you have teeth gaps that make you conscious when you smile or laugh, we’ve got the perfect orthodontic solution. Keeping a safe distance may be the norm today, but that doesn’t apply to teeth gaps. Get your appointment with our expert orthodontist here or visit us at your nearest Sabka Dentist Clinic today!

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